This is a webpage where you can find short stories! The idea here is to provide a clean website (no trackers, no javascript, just plain old html) with nice reading material.

You can be aware of every post with RSS. If, by any chance you do not know what RSS is, it is like twitter but no account is needed. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

About the crew

  • Lucas Moreira

    Functional programmer, mathematician and boardgame collector. I am the maintainer of this website and maybe a writer myself? If you like the idea of this website and would like to help, donate some monero here: 83d6gFo4P3kRPAQbkNsUiyVXF6SgLutGQ1kH4DXdWPYT7hzSSSGkDPNfQmTx6gijjcBRqwAfzzNz4VrcMbNjgYQ5Ao1DhP8

  • Felipe G Gonzalez

    Wannabe writer, heavy/power/folk metal fan, boardgame entusiast and fantasy/thriler bookworm. My donations are done in Brazilian Pix.